Commercial Lease Agreements
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Commercial Lease Agreements

Business contracts are a necessary part of any business. Some contracts have a limited impact on the business while other contracts can have a far reaching impact. Buy-Sell Agreements and Commercial Lease Agreements are two examples of business contracts that can have a huge effect on a business in both the near and far term.

Commercial lease agreements are required in nearly every lease of business space regardless of the type of space (warehouse, office, manufacturing, or storage). Most commercial leases are written for the protection of the lessor (landlord)...not the lessee (you). Commercial leases are far more complex than traditional residential apartment leases. In fact, many lease agreements have stipulations that are binding and may limit you for the entire period of the lease, which may be one, three, five or more years.

An experienced business law attorney can review a lease agreement on your behalf and advise you on possible amendments to the lease agreement. Often commercial leases can be negotiated and amended to achieve a contract more in line with your goals. It is important to understand every aspect of a commercial lease agreement as these business contracts often have provisions for required insurance coverage, additional expenses (trash, utilities, parking lot maintenance, etc.), guidelines regarding building/lot improvements or changes, and many other considerations.

Commercial lease agreements can take many different forms, including:

  • Net Leases
  • Land or Ground Leases
  • Shopping Center Leases
  • Triple Net Leases
  • Gross Leases

With almost 30 years of experience helping business owners, St Louis Attorney Chris Cox can help you with a wide variety of business related matters.

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