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Homeowners' Associations

Many neighborhoods have homeowners' associations that serve vital neighborhood maintenance functions and often include many social functions for residents as well. Every homeowners' association must have bylaws, sometimes called indentures, that guide the trustees as well as residents. Trustees are usually elected by the residents and are almost always residents of the neighborhood themselves. Trustees make decisions on behalf of the homeowners' association.

St Louis County attorney Chris Cox has advised many a resident and homeowners' association over almost 30-year career as a lawyer. He has represented both sides of a disagreement...that of the homeowners' association as well as individual residents. Trustees of homeowner associations may need an attorney to provide fundamental legal advise or take specific legal action. Often trustees will seek an attorney when:

  • A lien needs to be filed for non-payment of association assessments
  • A boundary dispute occurs involving common ground
  • An accident or injury is sustained on property/equipment owned by the association
  • A resident files a lawsuit against the association or threatens such action
  • The residents have voted to amend or change the association bylaws (indentures)
  • A contractor or other party has damaged association property •The association wishes to acquire or divest of property
  • The association wishes to file a law suit

Since most homeowners' association trustees do not have any legal background, it is a wise and prudent decision to consult with an attorney on decisions that have significant legal ramifications.

On the other side of the coin, subdivision residents may need an attorney when the association refuses to grant permission for a homeowner to do something, attempts to force a homeowner to do something against his or her will, or threatens a lien against their property.

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