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Probate is the process by which a decedent's property, known as the "estate," is passed to his or her heirs and others named in the will or in accordance with the law if the decedent did not have a Will. The entire process, under jurisdiction of the probate court, takes from five months to two years depending on the complexity of the estate.

St. Louis probate attorney Chris Cox understands that distributing an estate while grieving the loss of a loved one can be over overwhelming and may complicate an already complex area of law - probate.

Mr. Cox has significant legal experience helping people plan their estates and guiding people through the probate process with efficiency and ease. Contact our estate planning and probate law firm to schedule a meeting to learn how we can help you during this time.

Probate Process
Probate is the court process used to determine the validity of a will and oversee the payment of creditors and distribution of estate assets. Even if there is no valid will at the time of death, the estate will still go through the probate procedure. Since probate is regulated by state laws, there are specific procedures proscribed by each state for carrying out the process.

Most people do not have the experience to execute a Will or administer an estate properly. Our attorneys can assist the Executor of a Will or trustee with the initial proceedings to petition to probate an estate. We will help ensure the proper proceedings and notifications take place to legally dissolve a loved one's estate according to his/her wishes.

Trust Administration
If a person had a properly funded trust, that trust must be administered (managed and/or distributed) upon their passing. That process is much simpler and faster than the probate court process. Trust administration is usually not a court-supervised process, and is usually far less expensive than taking an estate through probate court. The ultimate outcome of trust administration is the transfer of property belonging to the deceased person’s trust to the beneficiaries they designated in that trust (spouse, children, relatives, charities, etc.)

There are numerous legal requirements when administering the trust and the trustee may be liable to beneficiaries if mistakes are made. We strongly recommend that the acting trustee retain a qualified attorney to advise and help them administer the trust and deal with any issues that arise. You are invited to contact Mr. Cox for a free consultation to discuss your situation.

St. Louis trust administration attorney Chris Cox understands the issues surrounding this complex, and often changing, area of the law, will explain the entire process to you, and assist you as you navigate through the distribution of your loved one’s trust.

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