Trust Administration


If a person had a properly funded trust, that trust must be administered (managed and/or distributed) upon their passing. That process is much simpler and faster than the probate court process. Trust Administration is usually not a court-supervised process, and is usually far less expensive than taking an estate through probate court. The ultimate outcome of trust administration is the transfer of property belonging to the deceased person’s trust to the beneficiaries they designated in that trust (spouse, children, relatives, charities, etc.)

There are numerous legal requirements when administering the trust and the trustee may be liable to beneficiaries if mistakes are made. We strongly recommend that the acting trustee retain a qualified attorney to advise and help them administer the trust and deal with any issues that arise. You are invited to contact Attorney Christopher Cox to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.

St. Louis trust administration attorney Christopher Cox understands the issues surrounding this complex, and often changing, area of the law, will explain the entire process to you, and assist you as you navigate through the distribution of your loved one’s trust.

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