A will is a legal document that states how your property and assets are to be distributed upon your passing. It is also the only document where you can set forth your preference as to who you want to be appointed as guardian of your minor children after your passing. Having just a Will (and no Trust) does not avoid the necessity of your assets going through probate court. If you die without a Will or Trust, your property will be distributed pursuant to a predetermined scheme set forth in a Missouri state statute (that you may not like).

The advantages of having a Will include the following:

  • You decide how, when, and to whom, your property will be distributed.
  • You can name a guardian of your minor children.
  • You can name a Personal Representative (“Executor”), the person responsible for carrying out the directives in your will.

A Will can be amended or revoked by you at any time. We recommend reviewing your will on a regular basis, and in particular, upon the occurrence of any life change (e.g., divorce, marriage, additional children, increase in your estate value, change in beneficiaries, etc.) If any changes need to be made, the necessary documents can easily be drafted by our office.

The Law Office of Christopher P. Cox, L.L.C., listens to your wishes, offers suggestions, and drafts personalized documents that meet your specific needs. There is no substitute for skilled legal advice in this area.

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Last Will and Testment document with gavel and pen